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Are You Ready To create overflow in your love life?

And if you are not ready are you ready to get ready??????

Are you really ready to be laser focused on doing what you need to do to push past the fear you have that has you exactly where you are right now- successful in all your glory- but fed up with the whole love thing.


Tired of being hurt and disappointed. Drained.... it’s just too much. Love is just too much. Fearful... of being vulnerable to possibly allowing the same thing in as last time. The thing that left you feeling abandoned and confused.


I was EXACTLY where you are 5 years ago!!!! The love story that I was living was driven by that and more. But I knew that God had more planned for me. I refused to no longer accept my love life as I was living in it. I decided to do the work to change my love story. I wanted to unlock all of the amazing blessings in love I knew in my heart I deserved. I decided to do the work to become the best version of myself. And that meant I needed to empower myself to




So what’s your current love story?


Are you ready to rewrite the love story that you inherited... learn how to tap into your feminine energy vs your masculine energy so that it radiates from within you and you become a magnet to men.


Are you ready to become more attractive to the man you HAVE or ATTRACT the man into your life that you desire... are you ready to get tangible tools that will serve as your own personal prescription for love created around what you need....are you ready?



Gospel artist Tasha Cobbs said it best,

“Eyes haven’t seen. Ears haven’t heard the kinda blessing that’s about to fall on you”.


I impress upon you today to... Do something different that you have not done. If you are truly really ready to see something happen in your love life that you haven’t seen....


I see ladies liking & posting #relationshipgoals on IG of people who you want your relationship to resemble.


But is it really a goal?


A goal by definition is....

the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.


are you just aiming at Everything that aims at you or are you just not aiming at all?


Is your aim that you just “WANT” a man OR your AIM JUST to maintain the mediocre relationship that you have committed yourself to OR do you want to manifest the healthy romantic love you deserve in your current or future relationship?


I hear a lot of women talk about they want a man who brings excitement to their life.... who is adventurous or who is interesting. Are you adventurous or are you interesting- outside your job and your kids?


If you are tired and fed up with not having the love you want in your life.


And if you want REAL answers to your own personal REAL questions about why you keep ending up at a dead end road when it comes to live.


Or do you feel hardened by past relationships and not able to push past the pain to even open yourself up to love? 


Get outside of your comfort zone with Stacii Jae in London. In her two day “Let’s Talk About Love” London Workshop Intensives, you will learn Stacii Jae’s .... 



  • Life Changing Ways To Create Attraction In A Relationship & Build A Connection With The Right Guy

  • Process, Preparation and Positioning Techniques That Ready You To Be Able To Create Genuine Love In A Relationship & Receive The Love You Create In Your Life 

  • Key Techniques To Embracing Your Own Personal Feminine Energy vs Your Masculine Energy In Dating & Relationships #BossDownLadies 

  • Tools To Date More Effectively So You Can Enjoy The Dating Process 

  • Key Reasons Where You Go Wrong In Dating and Relationships That Always Lead To The Wromd Outcomes 

  • Winning FLIRT Techniques On How To Let A Man Know You Are Open For Conversation And The Most Important Things Not To Do After You Do Them

  • The Best Questions To Ask On A Date To Learn About Someone And Not Feel Like You Are Getting Too Personal

  • The Tools To Help You Fix Your Dating And Relationship Life

  • Live Laser Focused Coaching With Stacii Jae To Help You Release Old, Limiting Beliefs And Patterns That Have Kept You Stuck. 

  • Tools That You Can Take Home To Keep You Connected Creating The Love You Desire And Living A Full And Well Rounded Life After The Workshops Are Over.


Join me in London and learn all these things And A LOT MORE! 


Trust me.... your life will never be the same if you do.



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