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Here Are The Steps To Booking


Step 1:

Go To: JustTravelGirl.Com website to PAY DEPOSIT LINK to pay $800 deposit per person. Only 30 spaces available. This deposit is the same for all packages and payment will lock in your individual space. It will not lock in the additional space, if you are traveling with someone and booking double occupancy. That person will have to make their own deposit and follow the below steps as well. 


Step 2:

You Will Receive A Call And Email From The "Let's Talk About Love" travel agent, Libby Shields. She will schedule a call with you to discuss your travel plans. 


Step 3:

Decide Which Package You Want:

Single Room (NO AIR) $1820  

Double Hotel (NO AIR) $1110 per / person





Note 1: Double Occupancy is only double occupancy when the 2nd person completes their $800 booking deposit as well or we have another woman traveling alone that we can pair you with to lock in your double occupancy price. 


Note 2: The above rates, pricing and availability are subject to change until deposit of the $800 is paid to Libby Shields, World Travel For Singles. Deposits and all payments are non-refundable. Payment plans are available after deposit is secured. 


Note 3: Cost for Stacii Jae's "Let's Take About Love" Tour Intensive Workshops (Friday and Sunday) are not included in any travel package purchased with Libby Shields, World Travel for Singles. Payments for the workshops can be made by clicking here:


Step 4:

Decide If you will pay in full and take advantage of the BONUS INCENTIVE that people who pay in full receive: All attendees who choose the option to PAY IN FULL will receive an entire 1 MONTH COACHING PACKAGE with Stacii Jae Johnson available for 6 months after the trip. ($2500 VALUE) 


Step 5:

Libby will call you at scheduled time to take down more detailed information regarding the travel package you have chosen. She will either take your full payment or set up a monthly payment plan custom for you and your needs. ALL PAYMENTS HAVE TO BE COMPLETED BY SEPTEMBER 13, 2019. 



Step 6: 

Woot Woot, Get Excited! You Are Now One of only 30 women who will be joining Stacii Jae in London for her "Let's Talk About Love Tour" International Experience.  Get Ready for a MIRACULOUS CHANGE IN YOUR LOVE LIFE!!!!! We hope you are really ready for this blessing. See you in London! 

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